There have been a lot of questions recently about the future of libraries. With the emergence of eBooks, are libraries a thing of the past? Can cities afford to fund public libraries in this recession? These are just a few questions people are asking, including Minnesota Public Radio (MPR).

Last week, MPR had an interesting segment about the outlook of libraries. Their featured guests were the Director from the St. Paul Public Library, Kit Hadley, and the Director from the Rochester Public Library, Audrey Betcher.

In their earliest days, American libraries were repositories of books to read and share. Now libraries offer e-books, audio books, periodicals, music, art, movies, computer access and community services. Which library functions are most important now and in the future?


MPR also had an article on their website about cities cutting library services to save money, and one Minnesota city’s fight to keep a library in their community.


We’d like to know what your thoughts on the future of the library?Are there any changes you’d like to see the library make to keep up with the times? Are there any areas you’d cut to save money? Feel free to comment!

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