I Only Want to Get Married Once…how’s that for a catchy book title? It sure caught my eye as I was walking by the new non-fiction bookcase at the library! Chana Levitan’s subtitle, “10 Essential Questions for Getting It Right the First Time,” serves as ten chapter headings. Infatuation is promptly addressed in the Introduction. :)

I read the book last weekend, thinking ‘if it’s good, I’ll share it with my kids.’ As far as I’m concerned, this author is spot on. In our society, people begin pre-marital counseling when they’re already engaged and their life together is already in progress. This counseling is usually the first serious attention they’ve given to the matter of true compatibility. This book should pre-empt all of that. Levitan’s ten questions are best reflected upon before one enters the dating scene; then kept in mind while one is dating. The topics in this book are meant to come up for discussion long before marriage ever does. Levitan also references several other books worth checking out such as one on self-esteem. As we all know, it’s best if the the individual is whole before he or she partners for  life.
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