It’s another cold week here in Minnesota.  You might as well curl up with a good book.  We have several new books here in the library this week.  Below are a just a few that you might want to pick up.  You can order your copy by going to

Private Berlin – James Patterson – Chris Schneider works at Private, the world’s most powerful investigation firm, in the Berlin office.  Chris disappears and Mattie, Chris’s ex, also works for Private.  Mattie throws herself into the investigating his disappearance, following leads to the three people Chris was investigating when he vanished: a billionaire, a soccer player, and a night club owner.

Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker – Jennifer Chiaverini – This novel tells of the friendship of Mary Todd Lincoln and her dressmaker, Elizabeth Keckley, a former slave who gained a professional reputation as a seamstress to Washington D.C.’s elite.  Lizzie became witness to many private moments between Mary and her husband and comforted her in the loss of her son and husband.  Lizzie saved scraps from gowns she made for Mary and eventually made a quilt called the Mary Todd Lincoln Quilt.

Standing in Another Man’s Grave – Ian Rankin – Nina Hazlitt lost her daughter 10 years ago.  There are no sightings, body, or suspect.  The police, having no leads, closed the case.  Detective John Rebus, new to the investigative team of the department, reopens the case.  He discovers that 2 other women also disappeared on the same road as Nina’s daughter.

Robert Crais – Suspect – LAPD cop Scott James has post traumatic stress disorder after his partner Stephanie was murdered.  Maggie, a German shepherd who did three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, also suffers from PDST after she lost her handler in battle.  Maggie and Scott are assigned to work with each other.  Their first job is to find out who killed Stephanie.

Fifth Assassin – Brad Meltzer – Over the years, there have been more than two dozen attempts to assassinate the presidents of the United States.  Four have been successful.  Now there is a fifth assassin who is trying to recreate the crimes of these four men.  Beecher White, who was in Meltzer’s Inner Circle, is back and is trying to find this killer before he succeeds.

Mortality – Christopher Hutchins – This is a non-fiction book that entails the illness of the author in his fight against esophageal cancer which he eventually lost.  The book also includes writings on other subjects, all written with the grace, intelligence, and inspiration that readers will recognize as the true Christopher Hutchins style.


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