Winter really isn’t so bad.  It’s cold, but it’s beautiful.  You get time to relax.  You don’t have to mow the lawn or weed the garden.  You have more time to sit down, take it easy, and read a good book.  Here are some books that take place during the cold of winter that you might enjoy.

A Winter’s Tale  (Fantasy) – Mark Helprin  A man living in New York City attempts to rob a mansion and there meets a fatally ill heiress.  Because of the love for her that develops, he tries to stop time and bring back the dead.

An Ice Cold Grave – Charlaine Harris – Harper Connelly is hired to find a boy in North Carolina.  When she gets there she finds out that there are several missing teenagers.  Once she finds the bodies and tries to go back home, she is prevented from leaving and becomes part of the investigation.

Her Fearful Symmetry – Audrey Niffenegger – Twin sisters Julia and Valentine inherit a London apartment from their aunt.  One of the conditions is that they must live in it.  The apartment is next to a Highgate Cemetery, where several famous people are buried.  As they meet their new neighbors, they  learn that much is alive in Highgate.

Winter Prey – John Sandford – Lucas Davenport must solve a gruesome murder of a man, a woman, and a child in the middle of winter in the Wisconsin woods.

Silent Snow – Steve Thayer – In a Minnesota blizzard, Rick Beanblossom, receives a memento of the Lindbergh kidnapping.  During the blizzard, Rick’s own baby boy is kidnapped.  All his instincts tell him that the secret of his son’s disappearance lies in the past.

Water Dogs – Lewis Robinson  – In Maine during a blizzard, Bennie, and his brother Littlefield, play a game of paintball.  One of the other players disappears and then Littlefield leaves.  Bennie , his girlfriend, and his twin sister Gwen embark on a journey that gets him closer to answers he may not want to know.

Ice Trap – Kitty Sewell – Dr. Woodruff, a British surgeon, once lived in the artic wilderness in Canada.  A woman who lives there claims he is the father of her teenage twins.  He returns to Canada to find there are lots of secrets and no one is willing to help him find the truth.

Love Blooms in Winter – Lori Copeland – In this Christian novel that takes place in 1892, Mae Wilkey’s neighbor,Pauline, is ill and needs a relative to tend to her.  Mae contacts Tom, Pauline’s long-lost nephew to take care of her.  It remains to be seen if love can bloom in the cold of winter.

Other winter novels you might enjoy:

          Winter Fire – Elizabeth Lowell

          Winter Palace: a Novel of Catherine the Great – Eva Stachniak

          Russian Winter – Daphne Kalotay

          Winter Study – Nevada Barr

          Artic Chill – Arnaldur Indridason

          A Week in Winter – Marcia Willett

          Winter Garden – Kristin Hannah

          Winter in Madrid – C. J. Samson

          Ice Bound  & Winter Moon  – Dean Koontz

By Roxane

Morris Public Library

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