Let me introduce our Over-Sized Collection of books. You’ve probably walked past it dozens of times and not paid much attention. This bookcase serves as a divider near a section of reading chairs in the back of the library. Yes, as you probably guessed, it contains books on art, travel, animals, nature and wars. You may not have realized there are also books on classic cars, tractors, trains, baseball, football, hockey, and even several volumes of cartoons and newspaper comic archives. What a treat those are to browse! Every day needs at least one good laugh.
Here are a couple other titles I’d like to mention that may surprise you: Titanic and Harley Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection.

Finally, I’d like to focus on two very unique books that are shown in the photo atop the bookcase. Lincoln Shot: A President’s Life Remembered is designed to look like a newspaper from the 19th century. Currier & Ives’ America is a beautiful volume that was donated to our library. It presents “Eighty choice prints in full color with extended commentary on the prints and the times which they portray.” Thanks again to the donor for sharing this memorable bit of U.S. history!
All of these over-sized volumes are beautifully illustrated and well worth your time. So even if you determine your volume of choice is too large to take home, there’s always a comfy chair nearby to settle into for a few minutes of indulgence.


Morris Public Library

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